Types of Soccer Wagers You Can Make


Soccer attracts audiences fro nearly every country in the world to come together and watch a match that is happening. People around the globe not only love to watch matches, but to bet on soccer games as well. It is such a popular sport to bet on because it is officially the most popular sport that reaches every nation with an estimated 3 billion fans around the world watching professional matches every time they are on, so it should not be any surprise that there are millions of people who love to bet on the teams playing against one another whether it is their team or not.

So many millions of people also love wagering on soccer matches because there are so many types of wagers they can pick from unlike so many other sporting options out there that only offer a limited number of betting options for gamblers and fans to choose from. The best part about these bets that are on the table is that you do not have to be a professional betting man or woman to pick from them as the way to bet and how you win is a straightforward concept that any novice could understand, but fun enough for people to bet over and over. Of course under the umbrella of dozens of soccer wager types that there are, there are some complicated ones that gamblers can choose from, but there is still plenty of money to be made whether you go with the complicated ones or not. Below is a detailed guide on all the most popular types of soccer wagers, complicated and simple, as well as how they work and how you can use them.  You can use these on local leagues, World Cup finals matches, or even the Champions League.

1.) Double Chance

Betting on a double chance bet is the safest type of wager that you can go with. It is named the Double Chance wager because like its name, you have two chances out of three outcomes to win. If one of the possible outcomes you picked wins, then you win. In other words, you have two out of three chances to bet on this type of wager and walk away as a winner. It is almost difficult to lose if you have followed the participating team’s scores at all!

2.) Draw no bet

Draw No Bet is another wager option that is relatively safe especially for recreational or novice gamblers who are looking to win, but mainly to have fun. In Draw No Bet you are given to options to pick from, as there are always only two teams that play. You pick one of the teams to win. While you cannot choose what the draw will be, you do get the amount you bet back if that was how the game actually ended up. If there is a draw in the ga,e, then the bet is for lack of better words, canceled. This is where the name Draw No Bet comes from.

3.) Asian Handicap

The first two types of wagers are two of the more simpler kinds you will find when betting on a soccer match. The Asian Handicap wagers are where bets start to get a bit murkier and slightly more complicated to follow. However, if you are a person who enjoys betting on sports often, it is not too different than that.
Handicap Wagers are determined by the number of extra goals that a team makes and dedicated for a number of goals that the team is unable to make. For the most part, when you make an Asian Handicap bet, you are given the chance to choose the number of goals you believe will be awarded or deducted throughout the match, and your bookmaker will offer you different odds to choose from depending on your initial choice.


This may sound a bit confusing but is not so different than other types of U.S. sports betting.

Handicap/Asian Handicap betting is an easy way to place a bet when you are trying to weigh out the risks versus the rewards on the match you are betting on. It allows you to choose an option that is more likely to be right and come out with lower odd winnings or you can choose the options that are more likely to be incorrect and come out with greater odds.

4.) Correct Score wager
The point of this type of wager is exactly what it sounds like it is. You put in a bet on what you believe the final score of the game will be to the exact number. A Correct Score wager is a lot harder to guess than a wager that simply guesses which team will walk out as victorious, but if you know how to bet on soccer matches and you watch the stats of your team closely, then the odds of you winning in this type of wager go up by a lot. When your team comes out victorious and with the score you predicted would happen, the win is exhilarating; and if you bet a lot of money on the outcome, then you could be walking away with a nice size winning. This is not the type of wager you want to use if you are looking for consistent winnings as predicting exact scores is just too hard, but going for it every once in a while can land a nice profit and is fun in the meantime!

5.) First and Last Goal Scorer
These types of wagers are very straightforward but incredibly difficult to consistently predict and get right every time. These are wagers that are typically used for recreational gamblers who are simply looking to add a little fun and spice to the match that they are attending. With this type of wager, you are betting on pretty much exactly what it sounds like: who will be the first player to make a goal and who will be the last player to score a goal during the entire match.

If you decide to go with this type of wager, your bookmaker will more often than not offer you the odds of all the players on the field. Looking at their stats will help you determine who you think the strongest scorer is on the field and in return be able to better guess which will be the first to score a goal and who will be the last.

6.) Scorecast wagers
Scorecasts are perhaps the hardest type of soccer wagers there are to get right, whether you are an expert on how to bet on soccer or not. This type of wager is a combination of correct score wagers and first goal scorer wagers, but with this wager you have to correctly predict who the first goal scorer will be, and what the overall final score of the game will come out too and you only earn your winnings if you get both parts of your prediction correct. This is another type of wager that is primarily meant to be for fun and people who are serious about wagering on soccer matches tend to avoid them because they are so difficult to get right even a small percentage of the time.

Just these few above-mentioned types of wagers show just how many options there are in soccer betting. More options mean that you have more opportunities to find the right wager type for you and walk away as a winner. It is advisable that you spend at least a little bit of time learning about the different soccer bets you can place, as this knowledge will help you make the right bet at the right time and walk away with some tidy profits!

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