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FeatherTek Windsock Decoys are hands down the best geese decoys you will find today anywhere in the world.

I’ve been personally using the decoys since last summer and I have grown to love them a lot. I have used them with my team in South Dakota and Missouri during the migration seasons where I had to deal a lot with harsh snowy winters. That’s not all, the weather also creates a lot of winds and rain that creates a lot of mud making hunting really hard. But thankfully, these decoys continued to work like a charm. Even when there is absolutely no wind present, the FeatherTek Windsock Decoys are still able to work perfectly thanks to their patented backbone design.

The FeatherTek decoys in my opinion are the best decoys when it comes to setting them out and moving them away from the field. As a hunter, I know that hunting geese is tricky business. We hunters have to constantly move the decoys over night to other areas so by morning we are ready to hunt again. Since the FeatherTek Windsock Decoys are extremely easy to setup and move around, I have come to love for the convenience they offer and now I can finally find some time to rest between the spread changes. The backbones of these decoys are designed in a way that they can easily be collapsed and packed, making them much easier to carry around.

Personally I really don’t like the idea of carrying large decoys around because it takes a lot of time and space. But the Feathertek design as mentioned above is so convenient that you can fix as many as 200 decoys in a small container box. And since their backbone system is so simple and easy, you can quickly start setting them up in the field.

The FeatherTek Windsock Decoys are nothing but a huge time and money saver. I have used several other decoys for the past decade but have never found a decoy that offers a solution to all my problems related to logistics, time and money.

Performance Calls has done a great job in creating a solution for snow geese hunters under an affordable price tag. I like to use large spread to hunt geese so I have to usually buy out a large stock. With the FeatherTek snow geese decoys, I only had to spend a couple of hundred bucks to get a thousand in return. Simply brilliant and a must buy for all hunters!